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Constitution Day

Constitution Day

Constitution Day, celebrated on the 10th of December each year, is a commemoration of the promulgation of the first enduring Thai constitution in 1932.

If the holiday falls on either Saturday or Sunday, the national holiday will be celebrated on the following Monday.

Constitution Day 2017 Dates – Thailand Public Holiday

The constitution was established following the great economic depression in the late 1920s and early 1930s. This was during the reign of King Rama VII, who the locals felt was too inadequate to deal with the economic challenges facing Thailand at the time.

In the wake of this ineptness, a number of intellectuals joined hands with senior army men and proposed to the king the option of reduced monarchy with the integration of a constitution.

In light of this, the king retained his capacity as the head of the monarchy, head of the state and military as well as a defender of Thai’s religions. From the very first constitution in 1932, Thailand has had 18 amendments, all of which have included variations of the very first constitutional monarchy.

The fact that the monarchy has remained even with all the challenges the country has experienced goes to show the reverence that Thais have for the institution. This also fascinates visitors who stand in awe of the monarchy’s position in Thailand’s history.

This national pride is evident whenever celebrations of the Constitution Day are held. Colourful displays of fireworks, intricate parades and the amazing display of previous monarchs are all but a way to celebrate this remarkable Thai holiday.

The sheer gratitude the locals have for been able to manage their country is embodied in the national holiday every year.


10 December 2017

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